Baltimore, MD - June 8, 2021 -Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok / Torah Institute of Baltimore hosted an inspiring Seudas Hoda’ah last Monday, expressing heartfelt Hakaras Hatov to HKB”H for allowing us to successfully be mechanech our talmidim through this difficult year and a half. The elegant décor and cuisine coupled with the ambiance of the exquisite Martin’s West hall was accentuated by the delightful Yedidim Choir in the background. K'dai L'hodos was the evening’s theme, highlighting the accomplishments and commitment of the rebbeim, teachers, staff, parents, and talmidim during this pandemic.

The deep closeness and recognition of gratitude felt to each other was palpable throughout the evening. The extent of the mesiras nefesh was brought to light through a powerful video enumerating the myriad of examples of boundless determination: 

  • Whether it was a rebbe giving shiur from his hospital bed, or a young talmid calling in to his rebbe’s conference call from a dentist chair.
  • Whether it was countless mothers spending hours on end bringing their sons to learn without time to return home before needing to pick them up again.
  • Whether it was children learning in treehouses, and preschool moros forgoing sleep to provide massive packets of projects and lessons to keep their boys learning.

The depth of emotion was indescribable as we each noted the cohesive continuous effort expended towards keeping Torah learning strong.

The evening program was packed with meaningful moments. Rabbi Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Kesser Torah of Baltimore, inspired us with divrei chizuk emphasizing the immense energy and focus needed to instill in our children love and ratzon to learn Torah. Additionally, hakaras hatov was specifically expressed to Mr. Yaakov Goldstein, EVP of Torah Institute, for his herculean efforts in obtaining government permission to open the school, albeit with extensive health guidelines, during the height of the pandemic. Another moving part of the evening was a choir of talmidim who sang the poignant songs by Benny Friedman, My Dear Rebbe and V’zakeini, led by Dr. Yehuda Mond, at which point the men in the crowd spontaneously joined in singing and dancing.

Great joy and a deep sense of connection permeated the room as we celebrated the accomplishment of something momentous together. The expression of genuine achdus and partnership between the cheder and every parent was treasured and reinvigorated. With this powerful event leaving its mark on our hearts, we are left with a special appreciation and commitment to working together to continue with the avodas hakodesh of chinuch habanim