Baltimore, MD - May 12, 2021  - In a week jam packed with heavy news, we are relieved that a bomb scare in the community ended as a false alarm. The event occurred at about 4:00 PM in the Beazer area in Baltimore's Jewish community.

Kids and adults alike watched as the street was blocked off with police tape as police cars poured into the mostly orthodox area. About twenty police cars arrived at the scene, followed by multiple firetrucks, and soon after, the bomb squad arrived. BJL spoke to a source who described the scene. A neighbor panicked amidst the process of opening an Amazon box, when suddenly a handful of white powder poured out. Police were called to the scene who then called the fire department. When the fire department arrived and assessed the situation, the bomb squad was called in. Suited up in full bomb squad gear the group of squad members assessed the box and ran a series of tests. All the while providing much entertainment for the kids on the block, albiet soliciting strong worry from parents overlooking the scene.

The source of the white powder is still not identified. As to the contents of the package, it was none other than hot cocoa packets.