Arabs throw rocks and other objects at Jewish families returning from synagogue.

Dozens of Arabs violently attacked Jewish families walking to synagogue on Saturday.

The violent attacks, both physical and verbal, occurred as the families were walking from Jerusalem's Beit Orot neighborhood to pray in Beit Hahoshen.

During the afternoon hours, approximately five families left Beit Orot to pray in the Beit Hahoshen area. On the way there, they were met by Arabs who shouted racist comments at them. On the way back, near the At-Tur Junction, dozens of Arabs surrounded them, violently attacking them.

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The Arab rioters threw objects and stones at the Jews, and smacked them violently. Miraculously, no one suffered physical injuries.

An armed IDF soldier who had spent Shabbat in Beit Orot fired into the air and chased the rioters away. Police officers called to the scene took the soldier to the police station, recorded his testimony, and released him. Read more at Arutz-7