United States District Court Judge Michael A. Shipp has ruled that Jackson Township’s ordinances banning schools and eruvim is both unconstitutional and discriminatory against Orthodox Jews, and has imposed a preliminary injunction putting those ordinances on hold. 

Judge Shipp made the ruling in the Agudath Israel lawsuit against Jackson, which alleges that officials, including Mayor Mike Reina and former Council President Rob Nixon, discriminated against Orthodox Jews by passing ordinances to keep them out of the township, including those banning schools and eruvim.

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In his ruling, the judge wrote that until a final decision is made, Jackson Township “must follow the applicable procedures – for obtaining permits and approvals for the construction of shuls and eruvim – that were in effect prior to the adoption of the Ordinances.”

The injunction represents a massive win for Agudath Israel and the Orthodox Jewish community in Jackson Township, with askanim involved saying it is a major step forward in easing the burden placed by Jackson officials on orthodox Jews. Read more at TLS