'Amid all the cries I approached Avigdor and he told me, ‘Save my child"

Rami Alwan, a Bedouin officer with Israel Police, was reunited with the father and son he helped rescue at the Mount Meron disaster last Thursday that left 45 people dead and another 150 injured. 

“Rami did not ask me what party I belong to, what stream [of Judaism] I belong to, or if I am a Bedouin or an Arab. Rami saved us,” said Avigdor Hayut, who hosted Alwan at his home in Bnei Brak, where he was mourning with family over the death of his second son, Yedidia. 

Hayut thanked Rami Alwan "from the bottom of his heart" for saving his son Shmuel, who also greeted the officer, paraphrasing the Talmudic phrase that "he who saves a life, saves the world."

“Anyone who saves a soul in Israel is like saving the whole world. Rami, you saved my child, and for me you saved the whole world,” he said.

During the visit, Hayut and Alwan gave an account of the chaos that unfolded on Mount Meron. 

“I was on the floor with all the mass of people who were on top of us. My son was to my right and my eldest son was a few meters from us,” Hayut said. “I saw Alwan and he shouted at me: ‘Give me a hand, I’m pulling you out.’ But I told him: ‘Save the boy.'”

Alwan said that what he experienced on Thursday was difficult to describe and that no training could have prepared him for tragedy.

“It’s hard to explain in words what happened there. Amid all the cries I approached Avigdor and he told me, ‘Save my child,'” recounted Alwan. Read more at i24