Jews said set to be allowed to visit area on Jerusalem Day next week

The Israel Police banned Jewish visitors from the Har HaBayis, Israeli media reported on Tuesday, after tensions in the Old City of the Israeli capital.

According to media reports, the appropriate message was relayed to organizations arranging such visits.

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The purported move is designed to ward off further tensions after clashes and riots in eastern Jerusalem amid the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Jews, however, will be allowed to enter the area on Jerusalem Day next week.

Palestinians rioted and fought with the Israeli security forces after barriers were erected near the Damascus Gate in the Old City. Later on, the police removed the installations.

A far-right Jewish group also staged an event in the area, resulting in more clashes and violence.

At the same time, a spate of violent attacks on Jews was reported in the city, purportedly driven by a trend going viral among Palestinian social media users.

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