Japanese trading company seeks to develop the growing food, technology, and agriculture industry in Israel

Mitsubishi Corp. is working closely with The Trendlines group, an Israel-Singapore investment group, to uncover emerging technologies in the food and agriculture sectors in Israel. 

"We have seen tremendous development in the food and agricultural industry in the past decade and are actively trying to explore it," according to a Mitsubishi statement, reported The Times of Israel. Lior Ben-Yakov, chief innovation officer and head of partnerships and ventures for Mitsubishi in Tel Aviv stated that the company’s Japan headquarters “mandated to tap into the Israeli innovation ecosystem across several key industries.”

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Trendlines Agrifood, a sector of The Trendlines Group, focused on scouting and evaluating food and agricultural innovations, is working closely with Mitsubishi, and “hopes to tap into this experience and together identify promising technologies that can be built and provide breakthrough innovation to global enterprises.”

Israel is a leader in the agriculture tech industry with over 350 innovative agrifood-tech firms, according to a report by Start-Up Nation Central. These companies handle a variety of challenges like food cultivation and manufacturing to preservation and consumption. Read more at i24