Embassy tweets cartoon featuring Grim Reaper clad in US flag with a Star of David on the scythe

China's embassy in Japan drew public outcry recently after posting an anti-Semitic image on its official Twitter handle.

Last Thursday, the embassy tweeted a picture displaying the United States as the Grim Reaper, adorned in a Stars and Stripes gown, leaving a trail of blood behind as it walks from one door to another.

On these doors are names of Middle Eastern countries, and the reaper's scythe is painted in the colors of the Israeli flag and has a Star of David on it.

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The image was accompanied by a short text message alleging that this was how the US promoted democracy.

On Friday, the tweet was taken down -- reportedly after the Israeli ambassador to Japan's outreach; according to the Jerusalem Post, China's envoy claimed he did not spot the Israeli flag on the image. Read more at i24