The petition charged Rivlin should not have assigned Netanyahu the mandate due to PM's graft trial

Israel's High Court on Sunday ruled against a petition asking that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s nomination to form a government be withdrawn in view of his standing trial on corruption charges.

The motion, submitted by the “Democratic Fortress” group, consisting of anti-Netanyahu ex-officials, academic and other dignitaries, charged that President Reuven Rivlin should not have entrusted Israel's longest-serving premier with the mandate to form a new government.

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On April 6, Rivlin tapped Netanyahu to form a ruling coalition after the PM received a plurality of 52 recommendations for the position, following Israel's fourth inconclusive election in two years.

The High Court's three-judged panel concluded on Sunday that Rivlin's decision was legitimate, saying there was no legal precedent that would allow the court to strip Netanyahu of the authority. Read more at i24