Stefan Wertheimer is the country's richest person with a personal fortune of $6.2 billion, ranking 432 overall

In Forbes latest billionaires list, German-born Israeli businessman Stefan Wertheimer appears as the country's richest individual with a personal fortune of $6.2 billion. However, that amount only ranks him 432nd on the list.

There were three individuals with Israeli citizenship with wealth greater than Wertheimer's - Eyal Ofer ($11.1 billion), Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich ($14.5 billion) and Patrick Drahi ($11.8 billion) - however, they are not currently listed as resident in the country.

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Further down the list are Teddy Sagi in 539th place with a fortune of $5.2 billion and Frank Lowy, also with $5.2 billion who amassed his fortune in shopping malls in Australia and returned to Israel in 2019, according to Israeli business and finance outlet, Globes.

This is the 35th year that Forbes has published the billionaire list and the results are illuminating. 

In 1987 - the first year of the list - there were 140 billionaires worth a total of $295 billion. In 2021, there were 2,755 global billionaires - 660 more than this year - with a total net worth of $13.1 trillion.Read more at i24