Bipartisan group of lawmakers spearheads push for more accountability in Palestinian education

A bill aiming to scrutinize the Palestinian educational curriculum for pro-violence materials had been reintroduced to the US Congress, an NGO said in a press release.

According to IMPACT-se, an Israeli non-profit reviewing regional educational programs, the H.R.2374 aims to require the State Department to assess whether materials "encouraging violence or intolerance toward other nations or ethnic groups" are still present in Palestinian textbooks.

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The government body will also be required to check what steps the Palestinian Authority is taking to ensure its textbooks comply with the UNESCO Declaration of Principles on Tolerance of 1995.

Washington will also be required to check if any of its funds provided to the PA have been used in distributing radicalization materials or tackling those and review the US efforts to "encourage accountability in Palestinian education." Read more at i24