For 48 hours only, every dollar you donate to Shearith Israel Congregation will be quadrupled! That's FOUR TIMES the impact in providing our shul the resources to enable us to continue to grow our shul and the entire Baltimore community under the leadership of our Rav, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer.   

Baltimore, MD - Feb.17, 2021 -  Throughout this past year, the Baltimore community - along with the rest of the world - faced unprecedented challenges. 

And each step of the way, Rabbi Hopfer, along with the community rabbonim, was there. Leading. Guiding. Unifying. Keeping our community safe.

Rabbi Hopfer has greatly impacted the community by providing guidance to so many of our important institutions and so many members of the community and beyond. The Rav has injected new energy into the shul by starting a new kollel, which has revitalized the neighborhood. 

Yet, there is so much more work to be done. So many more families to impact. So many more minds to stimulate. So many more lives - both spiritual and physical - to protect. So many more challenges to help overcome. So many more souls to ignite. 

That’s where you come in. 

Your donation to Shearith Israel makes a world of difference.

You see, you may not realize just how much this kehilla - led by our Rav - relies on generous donors like you. 

Membership dues alone don’t cover the cost of maintaining this makom Torah. When you donate, you revitalize a storied congregation that has been in existence since 1851 and is one of the longest continuously active Orthodox shuls in America. 

With one click, you provide crucial fixes to our building infrastructure for Jewish families to learn, daven, and to grow. You contribute towards paying down the mortgage, to rebuilding our Mikvah and to providing a makom Torah for continued growth through the kollel. You give Rabbi Hopfer the platform to lead through a commitment to emes (truth), achdus (unity), and kedushas bais haknesses (sanctifying the shul). 

There will be no annual banquet this year. No raffle and no journal. This campaign is it: our most important fundraising event of the year! If we do not reach our goal, we simply won’t have the resources to meet the growing needs of Jewish Baltimore. 

Now, during a global pandemic, there is no better time to invest in Torah, Tefillah, and in Achdus. Now, when people are searching for ways to make sense of the flood of bad news... When people are looking for inspiration and togetherness… your donation answers their call. 

This past year showed us all that Jewish Baltimore is one large kehilla. It is special and cohesive. And lives were undoubtedly saved because of it.

Because of you, in 2021, we will only grow stronger… no matter the need. No matter the obstacle. 

This cause is so important that a group of donors has challenged us to raise $200,000 in just 48 hours. As an extra incentive, they have agreed to QUADRUPLE every dollar you donate. But you must donate by February 22nd 11:59PM  for your gift to be matched! 

Please open your heart and donate today. We don't have a moment to lose.