US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said shipments of its vaccines would slow for a period in late January

The global death toll from the coronavirus epidemic topped 2 million Friday, a figure reached just over a year after the disease was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan. 

“There’s been a terrible amount of death,” pandemic expert and dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, Dr. Ashish Jha, told the Associated Press, but added, “our scientific community has also done extraordinary work.”

The worrying spikes in deaths and infection come as concerns and criticism grow over vaccine logistics and supply issues in many parts of the world.

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said shipments of its vaccines would slow for a period in late January.

In hard-hit Europe, there are concerns that the Pfizer delays could further slow a vaccine rollout that has already faced heavy criticism. 

Pfizer, which jointly developed its vaccine with German company BioNTech, said EU countries could expect delayed deliveries in the coming weeks due to work being done at its plant in Belgium. Read more at i24