Rumors of a new election have been circling for months as tensions between Netanyahu and Gantz grow

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly said on Thursday that there was "no doubt" new elections are around the corner if agreements between coalition parties continue to be scuttled.   

“When agreements are not respected on the part of Blue and White, there is no doubt that we are on the way to elections,” Netanyahu reportedly told media sources after being asked about the ongoing friction in his government coalition.

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“If we see a different approach from the Blue and White side and cooperation within the government, instead of a government within a government, we can continue to work together.

"If not, everyone can understand that this will lead to elections,” the prime minister added, leveling much of the blame on Defense Minister Benny Gantz for the breakdown in relations. 

Rumors of a new election, possibly the fourth election in two years, have been circling for months and centers on a major rift over the country's budget, which has yet to be passed in parliament. Read more at i24