Jews said to account for less than 1 percent of population in are covered by OSCE report

Anti-Semitic incidents made up almost a quarter of the total number of hate crimes registered in Europe in 2019, a recent report revealed.

According to last week's annual publication by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) with the OSCE, the region, including Russia and Central Asia, saw 5,945 hate crimes last year.

From those, 1,311, or about 22 percent of the total, were anti-Semitic incidents, the report states.

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In the area covered by the report, Jews account for less than one percent of the population, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency stresses.

The tally is the second-largest on the report, exceeded only by the instances of racism and xenophobia, which totaled 2,371 in 2019. Read more at i24