Michigan’s state Board of Canvassers certified the vote with three yes votes and one abstention, a bipartisan decision affirming Biden’s victory over Trump by more than 155,000 votes.

The typically routine exercise took on new significance this year after Trump and his allies pressured the board’s two Republicans to reject certification and seek a delay in order to investigate “irregularities” in Detroit’s vote counting — allegations that are not supported by any evidence of wrongdoing. Republicans have also pushed officials in other states to delay certification and have challenged the election results in court, mostly resulting in a string of legal losses.

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Despite the public pressure, one of the two Republican board members joined the Democratic board members to certify the state’s election results, tossing aside the president’s attempts to slow the process down in the critical battleground state. Republican Norm Shinkle did not vote to certify the results, instead abstaining, after indicating in interviews that he was not in favor of certification.

But Aaron Van Langevelde, a lawyer for the state legislature’s House GOP caucus, joined Democrats Jeannette Bradshaw and Julie Matuzak in certifying the results. Van Langevelde argued at the meeting that state law requires the board certify results, and it didn’t have the authority to demand an audit or otherwise delay the results.

“I’ve reviewed the law here. It's not complicated, it is very simple,” Van Langevelde said during a back-and-forth with Charlie Spies, an attorney representing Republican John James, who lost to Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and is also seeking to delay certification. “We’re required to canvass the returns and determine the results. I’ve reviewed every section, I haven’t found anything about an audit, I’ve found nothing about the authority for us to delay certification because we’re waiting for more accurate results.”

Michigan’s certification could be the fatal blow to Trump’s legally dubious efforts to block Biden from attaining the 270 electoral votes he needs to win. The president’s court cases and the political pressure he’s putting on fellow Republicans to fight the election results are falling flat.

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