A four-month investigative report by Newsweek found that roughly 600 groups are engaging in a widespread meddling campaign tied to the Chinese Communist Party and seeking to influence the U.S. well beyond next Tuesday’s election.

“The scope of alleged activities is enormous, involving social and business gatherings, extensive information campaigns and building political and economic ties that can be leveraged to Beijing’s gain — recent reports of Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese energy company eager to connect with his father and President Trump’s secret Chinese bank account are just the latest high-profile examples that some China watchers find worrisome,” Newsweek’s Didi Kirsten Tatlow wrote.

“There are also accusations of large-scale economic espionage.”

Election meddling is small potatoes, measured against Beijing’s longer-term goals in this effort: “The CPC is not out to destroy the U.S., experts say, but rather to change or subvert it from within,” according to the report.

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