Baltimore, MD - Oct. 16, 2020 - There will be food distribution at TA this Sunday, October 18th beginning at 1:30pm.

Food distribution will be ongoing until the packages are all distributed (usually 3-4 hours).

We will broadcast on this group when distribution has ended.

Please read the following IMPORTANT DETAILS:
1. A maximum of 10 meals OR pickup for 2 families will be permitted PER CAR, whichever is greater. Very large pickup amounts slow down the line and make pick up difficult for everyone. Please do not arrive to food distribution with more than two meal signs total.
2.Food will be put into Trunks ONLY. Please make sure that your trunk is either empty or has enough space to pick up the quantity of meals you are coming for.
3. As always, arrive to TA via a right turn onto campus, making no illegal traffic maneuvers. Do not use your cell phone while on campus at all.
4. Distribution will take place with several stops along the parking lot. Please be patient as we conduct distribution efficiently.
5. Menu:
Pulled BBQ beef
Cheese pretzels
Tater Tots
Orange Juice
Special Back to school treat

We look forward to serving you on Sunday! Have a wonderful Shabbos!