Baltimore, MD - Sept. 29, 2020 - TA Special Yom Tov Food Distribution:

Thursday, 10/1 | 1:30-5pm pickup for any number of meals

Due to the current outbreak we will not place any items in the side doors or windows. We will only place in trunks!

Trunk must be clear and open before you arrive on line

We look forward to serving you! Read below for Thursday's schedule, menu, important traffic and safety reminders, and more!

To the Baltimore Community,

There will be a special Yom Tov food distribution on Thursday!

Thursday 10/1 Distribution: 12-5pm pickup

Tentative Menu: Challah, 64 oz Grape Juice, Assorted deli (pastrami, corned beef, turkey breast), chicken nuggets, vegetable blend, mini watermelons (allergens: wheat)

Important Procedure Information:

•             Trunks ONLY

•             There will be multiple stops along the distribution line

•             Original paper forms with names and number of kids will be required

•             For children 18 and under only

•             Right turn into TA Campus only

Meal Signs:

A sign taped to your passenger side window should be clearly visible. The sign should list family last name, number of meals you are picking up and children's names and ages (18 and under). You may choose to print this template to make the sign for your window and we suggest using a dark, thick marker so that the sign will be clear to photograph. Please note, if you arrive with no sign, or your sign does not display the correct information as noted above, you may be asked to leave the line.

Important Traffic and Safety Reminders:

We would like to thank all of the Baltimore families who come out to TA's dinner distribution. As a reminder, the only correct way to access the TA campus for dinner distribution is to take Milford Mill Rd straight to Scotts Level Rd, going under the 695 overpass, make a right turn onto Scotts Level Rd, make a right turn onto Old Court Rd, then a right turn onto the TA campus.

Making illegal U-turns on Old Court Rd. or turning into driveways on Old Court Rd or side streets is dangerous and causes a chillul Hashem, as we have received phone calls from our neighbors expressing concern about this.

Please do not use any private property whatsoever to turn your car around on Old Court Rd. Please arrive to meal pickup in the correct manner. Your cooperation will allow us to continue to service the community with this dinner program, while being cognizant of our neighbors and only making a Kiddush Hashem at all times.

Please DO NOT use your cell phone on our campus during food distribution. Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, multiple staff members have been bumped into by drivers on their cell phones and not paying close attention. Safe distribution is our highest priority. If you are seen on your cell phone, you will be waved through the line, and no meals will be placed in your car. We appreciate your understanding.

We thank the community for their continued cooperation!

Thank you,

The TA Administration