Baltimore, MD - Sept. 24, 2020 -The following was sent to TI parents this evening:

Dear Parents,

As our Elul zman comes to a close, we must reflect on the tremendous chesed that HKB"H has bestowed upon us by allowing us to bring the children back to Cheder to learn in a safe environment. We are mispalel that the powerful Kol Torah and beautiful sounds of Tefila that once again emanate from our Cheder will pierce the heavens and bring all of Klal Yisroel's tefilos for a wonderful new year right to the Kisei HaKovod.

With Succos approaching, we must plan ahead in order to properly prepare for a safe return to Cheder after Yom Tov.

Zman Simchaseinu is a time to enjoy Yom Tov with family, and we each look forward to an uplifting and joyous Yom Tov. Obviously, traveling to or hosting relatives from other communities brings additional possibilities of virus spread. We are sure that our parent body understands these risks and that each family will plan its Yom Tov activities in accordance with guidance from its medical advisors and rov.

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To lessen the possibility of virus spread and increase the opportunity to start the post-Succos zman without COVID-19 interruptions, our Rabbonim have approved delaying the start of in-school classes after Yom Tov. Remote classes will begin via teleconference on Tuesday October 13 (25 Tishrei, the day after Isru Chag), and you will be receiving details of the Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol schedules for that period in a separate communication. In-school classes will BEZ"H begin on Monday, October 19, (second day Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, one week after Isru Chag), thereby allowing time for families to monitor for any COVID-19 symptoms and for our talmidim to come back to our campus in a healthy manner.

As partners in your children's chinuch, we are confident that you appreciate the need for responsible and careful Yom Tov activities and vigilance during the week after Yom Tov to adhere to recommended safety protocols and prevent the spread of the virus.

Best and heartfelt wishes for a Gmar Chasima Tova and wonderful and joyous Yom Tov.