National airline requests gov’t ministers reconsider sale of shares to Eli Rozenberg, as it asserts he is a frontman for his non-Israeli father, which goes against regulations

El Al has said it opposes a yeshiva student’s recent purchase of a controlling stake in the company, accusing him of being a frontman for his father, businessman Kenneth Rozenberg, who is not an Israeli citizen and legally cannot hold shares in the Israeli flagship airline.

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A letter from El Al’s attorneys seen by The Times of Israel Wednesday requested that government ministers reject allowing the 27-year old new immigrant to Israel to take control of the company.

In March, the already-financially-troubled airline was dealt an almost fatal blow by the travel-restricting coronavirus crisis, which caused El Al to cease its scheduled passenger operations and send some 5,800 of its 6,303 employees out on unpaid leave. Read more at Times of Israel