September 17, 2020

Baltimore, MD - Sept. 17, 2020 - Bais Yaakov Notifies Parents of Today's Flawlessly Executed Security Lockdown

Dear Parents and Staff,

At 2:58 this afternoon, a series of loud sounds were heard somewhere behind the Smith Avenue High School property, by one of Bais Yaakov’s security officers while doing his rounds outdoors. It could have been fireworks, gunshots, possibly from a hunter, or construction.

After immediately calling 911, the school initiated a “modified lockdown” to the entire Smith Avenue campus. Our guards secured the entrance/exit, not permitting anyone on or off the campus and had all students brought indoors for classes to proceed.

The school's Director of Facilities, security guards, maintenance staff and management monitored the situation and obtained real time information from law enforcement who arrived within 3 minutes of the call. After a thorough inspection of the campus and the surrounding area by both the police helicopter and officers on foot, Baltimore County Police “cleared” the school and permitted ongoing regular activities to resume at 3:34 PM.

We appreciate the support of law enforcement, the school’s dedicated security team and the Bais Yaakov staff who so seamlessly dealt with the issue professionally and calmly to safeguard our most precious students.

Wishing everyone a year of brocha and mazal and we are mispallel that Hashem continues to guard Klal Yisrael.

Rabbi Zalman Nissel

Chief Executive Officer