A source in the Israeli delegation to Washington, which is preparing to sign the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates, refuses to comment on the content of the agreement and claims that it will only be revealed after it is signed.

"There is sensitivity here because there are four different players involved, so the details will not come out ahead of time. There will be two signatures - one on a peace agreement with the Emirates - and the other on a statement of intent with Bahrain," the source said.

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He added that there is no problem with the details of the agreement being brought to the governments of the signatories. "The usual procedure is to first sign it and then bring the agreement to the government for approval and then to the Knesset."

"The two documents mention diverse areas of cooperation. In the Emirates, this is a peace agreement, but the normalization agreements are still under discussion so they will become a kind of appendix to the agreement," the source said.

The source refused to answer whether the establishment of a Palestinian state or a construction freeze in Judea and Samaria are included in the accords. Read more at Arutz-7