Jerusalem, Israel - Sept. 14, 2020 - The Israeli's Prime Minister's Cabinet, on Sunday evening, September 13, 2020, approved the recommendations of the Health Ministry and 'Magen Yisrael' director Prof. Ronni Gamzu on a plan to lower morbidity in Israel due to the rise in infections of COVID-19.  

Effective Friday, Erev Rosh Hashana, September 18, 2020, from 2:00 pm, and until October 11, 2020, subject to an assessment of the morbidity situation, and approval by the Cabinet two weeks after the start of the lockdown, a list of steps to be taken was published. 

Businesses that do not receive the public and which provide essential services may continue operating according to the outline to be presented by the Finance Ministry. Businesses, including restaurants, shall be permitted to operate delivery services only.

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Movement in leaving one's home shall be restricted to 500 meters, except for essential needs to be detailed in the regulations.  

Closure of the education system, except for special education, boarding schools, and additional exceptions is to take place.

Restriction of gatherings according to the color red in the 'traffic light' model – up to 10 people in a closed space and up to 20 in an open area includes minyanim.  Protests are allowed without size restrictions. 

In light of the approaching limits and restrictions, on Monday, Yom Tov preparations were underway, with crowds shopping in the Machne Yehuda Market. People with masks and without, but each checked before allowing to enter. 

Sacher Park is being prepared as an outdoor gathering space for those who live close enough to meet the travel limit.

On Pesach, Israel was under full lockdown, the year 5781 is, to begin with, a partial, not complete lockdown due to the increasing numbers of cases of the coronavirus.