Dear Friends,

It has been but a few weeks since the sudden loss of our dear Nechy Zehnwirth, A’H. The pain is still real and the wounds are yet raw. Many people have been a great source of comfort and help to us in these past few weeks and we want to thank all of you – the many whom we know about and the countless others whom we don’t know about. Your assistance and your friendship have been a real source of support to us. We are grateful.

Though Nechy’s years were much shorter than we would have liked, she affected and touched a multitude. Her ability to see the good in everyone made her a special person while her drive to help others even in the most difficult of circumstances - but always in an upbeat manner - made her a special friend. Our family has been looking for a way to memorialize Nechy and to give her Zechusim in an ongoing manner. We spent some time looking for the right avenue for this beautiful idea – one that would address a real need, one that would be helpful especially to those who need it the most, and one that Nechy herself would find meaningful. After some deliberation, it was apparent to us that Bikur Cholim of Baltimore should be the main thrust of our efforts.

The last thirty years of Nechy’s life found her on many occasions the beneficiary of Bikur Cholim’s facilities and services in different hospitals. Sinai, Hopkins and University of Maryland hospitals were the main venues, sometimes for extended periods. Besides the benefit she personally derived from Bikur Cholim, over the course of these extended visits Nechy also met people who were in the hospital for weeks on end who did not have the ability to take care of their own needs because they were drowning in the needs of their loved ones, something with which Nechy could surely empathize. Bikur Cholim valiantly works to service these people and meet their needs. We have therefore decided to partner with Bikur Cholim of Baltimore and establish the Nechy Zehnwirth Memorial Fund to refurbish and upgrade the Bikur Cholim facilities and equipment at several hospitals, thereby assisting those who don’t have the capacity to help themselves. This is an avenue that we are confident would meet with Nechy’s approval and will be a source of merit to her and to all of us for years to come. If you are interested in joining with us in this meaningful endeavor, we would be most appreciative.

To participate, please click It is our fervent wish that this will continue the noble work that Nechy instinctively did and will be an eternal Zechus for her Neshama.

May we share only Simchos in the future.

Menachem Zehnwirth and family

לעילוי נשמת נעכא רבקה בת יצחק משה הכהן