Israel's Coronavirus Cabinet on Friday afternoon approved a relaxation of the limits on public gatherings.

The decision will be brought for the approval of the Knesset's Constitution Committee, and if approved will take effect on Sunday afternoon at 2:00p.m.

According to the new guidelines, gatherings of up to 30 people - instead of the current 20 - would be allowed in open areas. Enclosed areas of up to 80 square meters would be allowed to have gatherings of up to 10 people, while up to 20 people - instead of the current 10 - would be allowed to gather in enclosed spaces of more than 80 square meters

A public or business space that is not a house of worship or a restaurant would also be allowed to have up to one person per seven square meters, whichever is higher.

"A public or business space" is defined as any place which is open to the public or a business, other than a place which has been forbidden to operate, including: a mall, museum, open-air market, stores, business tourist attractions, pools, gyms, and so on.