Baltimore, MD - Aug. 10, 2020 - In a year of uncertainty-we knew we could count on you! And you didn’t disappoint! Over $150,000 raised by 140 cyclists, 50 junior fund-raisers-in-training, who raised over 10,000, and generous sponsors for Baltimore Bikur Cholim.

When we planned our event, it was BC, before corona, and when Corona hit, we scrambled to give you, our dedicated cyclists a plan and a challenge.  And thus, the WEEKS CHALLENGE was created. We challenged you to ride 50 miles each week, or 25 miles each week, or 10 miles each week, or take a personal option.  You surpassed our wildest expectations with James Vernov cycling close to 5,000 miles in the ten-week period, followed by Moshe Smith at 1,000, and Yitzchak Kimelfeld at 900 miles.  Then we challenged our junior kid riders to have relatives sponsor them for any exercise that they maintained for at least three times a week.  Again, the kids took off in amazing fashion with Rosie Cohen collecting over 2,000 dollars, followed by Shoshana Ifrah at 1,029, and her sister Devorah Ifrah at 950 dollars. The kids earned prizes for their efforts: 7 Mile Slushies, Sprinkles Ice Cream, Tov Pizza, Dougies Dinner Specials, and Akiva Milrod won 50 dollars to the Seforim Nook, and Michalie Sinaie winning a Hoverboard!

Video by KF Productions

We are grateful that we were able to have our beautiful ride on the day of our event, this past Sunday, August 9.  At our new venue, Ateres Elka, our 50 milers started the day at 8 am and enjoyed the magnificent new scenic routes devised by our own Coach Noam Shiman. The 25 milers left at 8:45, and finally the 10 milers were off at 10 am.  Each group was led by experienced ride marshals: Dovid Cynamon, Shlomo Caplan, AJ Gordon, Gary Bauman, Shaya Lerner and Shmuly Abramson.

The cyclists met and overlapped on these wonderful scenic new routes and enjoyed respite at the rest stops manned by: Yaakov Cohen and sons, Akiva Goldberg, Yosef Feigenbaum and Shua Portnoy. Sag wagons were directed by Nos Bitman, Yechiel Levin, Noam Shiman, and Asher Wildman.

All the cyclists met back at Ateres Elka where they crossed the finish line and enjoyed refreshing ices and cold drinks.  Each rider was given a delicious catered meal by the one and only Yaffa and wife, Shula, who always live up to their impeccable reputation.

We all missed the family fun event, but were grateful that in these challenging times we were able to get outside with friends in the fresh air and do something wonderful for the k’lal.

The Men’s Biker Cholim could not have happened without the efforts of this dedicated and talented committee: Yaakov Berkowitz, Tzvi Feigenbaum, Akiva Goldberg, Rochelle Goldberg, Yitzy Goldberg, Mordechai Gottlieb, Shloime Grunhut, Bonnie Pollak, Eliezer Portnoy, Pinchos Rabinowitz, Liz Rothstein, and Noam Shiman.  The Junior Biker Cholim event is chaired by Mindy Benyowitz, Pearl Rosensaft, and Aliza Tendler.

We pray that you and your family remain healthy during these challenging times.  Remember that you are not alone.  Bikur Cholim is here for whatever you may need.

Bikur Cholim of Baltimore has over 450 volunteers. Bikur Cholim distributes over 8,000 meals to 8 different hospitals, delivers more than 3,000 meals to people’s homes, services patients and families from more than 40 different cities and countries, provides over 3,000 rides to medical appointments and Shabbos and Yom Tov situations, visits over 6,000 patients in hospitals, homes and facilities and provides patient advocacy services over 15 times a week. Come ride with us and be part of the team that helps so many. The money you raise supports these vital community services:

•         Patient Advocacy

•         Kosher meals to patients/families in the hospital and home

•         Transportation to medical appointments and hospitals

•         Transportation on Shabbos and Yom Tov

•         Visitation in area hospitals

•         Housing in the community

•         Free-loan medical equipment

•         Medical referrals

•         Kosher Hospitality Rooms in four local hospitals

•         Accommodations near area hospitals for Shabbos/Yom Tov

•         Community and volunteer education

Bikur Cholim thanks all of you for making this another successful year, and we look forward to seeing you all next year in a more stable climate.  Wishing you all a Kisiva Vachasima Tova.