Baltimore, MD - Aug. 10, 2020 —A massive gas explosion in a northwest Baltimore neighborhood has left an unknown number of people buried in the rubble of several rowhomes.

The blast was felt as far as several miles away, and leveled three rowhomes on Labyrinth Road behind the Reisterstown Plaza complex, just west of Reisterstown Road.

Officials say now say 7 people have been taken to hospitals and 1 woman has been pronounced dead. Residents were seen cheering as one woman was pulled from the rubble.

The city's Office of Emergency Management says those displaced from their homes can report to the American Red Cross stations behind the Applebee's restaurant (6798 Reisterstown Rd) or at the Milbrook Park Apartments community center (located at 6806 Milbrook Park Dr).

Fire crews were continuing to search for victims as of Monday afternoon. Baltimore Fire Department said this remains a rescue, not a recovery, operation.

BGE said they are turning off gas to nearby buildings as they investigate.

"The cause of this morning's explosion in northwest Baltimore is currently unknown," BGE said shortly before 5 p.m. "BGE responded to the scene at the Fire Department's request to shut off gas and electric service in the area to make the scene safe. BGE has canvassed the area and found no current readings of gas. Once fire rescue is complete, we will begin the process of working with the Fire Department to investigate BGE equipment in the area. These inspections will include the gas mains, service piping leading to properties and gas meters. Customer-owned appliances and piping will also be investigated. Area inspections will encompass homes and gas equipment in a wide area to ensure there is no additional damage. In addition, BGE is reviewing records for this area, including any reported gas odors, recent inspection results and repairs. We are working with the Fire Department to ensure continued safety and to aid in its investigation. As always, immediate reporting of any gas odors or issues is critical to public safety. If you suspect a gas leak or have any gas concerns where you live or work, get to a safe location and report it to BGE immediately by calling (877) 778-7798 or by calling 911. BGE will respond 24 hours a day to investigate and make the situation safe." Read more at WBFF