Professor Ronni Gamzu, the government's coronavirus project manager, criticized the decision to allow 16,000 US yeshiva students into Israel ahead of the holiday season.

"We need to take intelligent measures here and prevent another fire," he told Weekend News. "This is a decision which was made before I took office. I am not yet completely sure what other instructions we need to be giving."

Gamzu also said that he is not looking at the previous failures in handling the coronavirus crisis.

"I really want to take the citizens of the State of Israel forward," he said. "Yes, there were mistakes, and yes, there were restrictions which I don't see the logic in, and that pushed the public away. Anyone who comes sees open here, closed there, and says, 'This doesn't seem reasonable to me.' Especially if that person is one who lost his livelihood."

According to Gamzu, it could be that Israelis will be able to resume flights abroad within the next month.