A new poll conducted by Maagar Mochot and published Friday by Israel Hayom showed that over half of Israelis believe the protesters participating in recent demonstrations across Israel are violent.

According to the poll 52% of Israelis believe that the demonstrators are "violent" or "very violent." Another 44% believe that the police are also too violent.

When asked who they believe is behind the demonstrations, 25% said they believe business owners and employees who suffered financial harm due to the lockdown are responsible for the protests, while 21% said they believe political factors are behind the protest.

Another 48% laid the blame on both groups, while 6% did not know or gave a different answer.

When asked for their opinion on how police are handling the protests, 44% said they believe the police are too violent, while 30% said they believe the police responded appropriately. Another 12% said they believe the police are too soft, while 14% said they were not sure. Read more at Arutz-7