A black bear sighting is the talk of the town in the west Towson and Ruxton area of Baltimore County. Neighbors have spotted a young black bear running through yards, digging into a trash can and chowing down on a bird feeder.

The Department of Natural Resources believes the bear is a yearling, a teen that got kicked out of the den and is simply looking for a new habitat.

The young black bear was caught on the prowl in a video. Witnesses said the bear got spooked by a car before darting toward some trees.

“It was surreal to see a bear running down a suburban street and I had a minute where I kind of wondered, ‘Did I really just see that?’” said Tim Zink, of Towson.

The bear ran through the yard of 6-year-old Gemma McGinley. It was captured by a home surveillance camera.

“It was the coolest thing -- I had a bear in my yard. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up,” said McGinley.

“She told my wife who didn't believe it thinking maybe they saw a large dog. And that make us go look at the video seeing that they did see a bear,” a neighbor said.

The bear sighting is the talk of the neighborhood. Read more at WBALTV