Jerusalem, Israel - July 7, 2020 - Due to the rise in COVID-19 infection rates, many new restrictions were announced yesterday afternoon. However, due to the government process, some of the restrictions were made effective immediately, and some only go into effect today and tomorrow.

Here is the complete breakdown:

Effective immediately:
- Houses of worship - up to 19 people
- Government Ministries and Government companies - at least 30% of staff should work from home, according to rules to be set by the Civil Service Commissioner.
- Organized sport events without spectators
- Organized summer activities for kids and teenagers limited to 20 kids per group

Going into effect 2:00 pm Tuesday afternoon:
- Closure of clubs and bars
- Restaurants up to 20 people inside and 30 outside
- Closure of gyms and public pools
- Cancellation of cultural shows.
- Hotels and tourism: Clubs and bars will not be allowed in the hotel grounds. Restaurant and dining activities will allow up to 20 people in enclosed space.
- Other gatherings: up to 20 participants indoors; 2 meters away from each other while wearing masks.

Going into effect Wednesday morning:
- Closing of event halls
- Buses limited to up to 20 people on bus - use of air conditioners is permitted
The Ministry of Transportation is continuing to formulate a final plan for bus operations.

The Knesset voted overnight to grant the Israeli government broad powers to enact new restrictions aimed at combining the coronavirus pandemic, limiting the requirement that new regulations be approved by the Knesset.

Up until now, new regulations restricting public activity or empowering police to issue fines have required not only approval by the government, but must pass a final vote by the Knesset, as well. Now, however, the government will be permitted to pass new regulations without first seeking Knesset approval, and will be able to put new regulations into effect immediately. At the same time, the government approved the law to raise the fine for non-mask wearers from 200 nis to 500 nis.