NETANYA (VINnews) — The Tzanz- Klausenberg Rebbe of Netanya, Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Halberstam, suffered a light heart attack Monday and was hospitalized in the city’s Laniado hospital founded by his father. The Rebbe, a member of the Agudath Yisrael’s Council of Torah Sages, is conscious and being treated by doctors at the hospital.

A local Tzanzer chasid told the Kikar Hashabat site that the Rebbe has been very depressed recently over the deaths of some prominent Chasidim in America from COVID-19. “There is no doubt that the matter has seriously affected the Rebbe,” the chasid said.

The Rebbe is expected to undergo a catheterization procedure at 8 PM (1PM USA time) and the Tzanz communities worldwide will organize minyanim to say Tehillim and study for his speedy recovery.