Baltimore, MD - May 22, 2020 - At the time of an epidemic in the city of Yerushalayim, Dovid Hamelech instituted a daily recitation of 100 brachos to cure the Jewish people from their illnesses. Since then, the Poskim have written that saying 100 brachos every day continues to protect and cure us from all harm. Thus, The 100 Brachos Project was born here in Baltimore at a time of such need with the hope that our brachos inspire our Creator to send us a speedy salvation.

In light of the truncated nature of Shabbos davening, the Gemara advises us to compensate for the missing brachos by eating extra snacks and smelling pleasant spices. To this extent, we have put together a package with all of the necessary foods and spices to help you reach your goal of 100! A user-friendly guide is included in the package to walk you through the process with ease.

Pick-up in front of Kehillas Ohr HaTorah, 6815 Greenspring Ave (between Hunt and Lightfoot).

This project is an initiative of The Bracha Seminar and has been generously sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Michael Elman in loving memory of Mr. Julius Feigelman a”h, ר' יהודה בן יחיאל מיכל ע"ה.

We graciously thank The Candy Store for their heroic efforts in making this project a reality!

Endorsed by Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer and Rabbi Yosef Berger shlit”a 


                                                             The 100 Brachos Project