Jerusalem, Israel - May 21, 2020 - The Jerusalem Municipality, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, the Office for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, and the Jerusalem Development Authority for the Development of Jerusalem held a special broadcast on Thursday, 27 Iyar, 5780 -May 21, 2020, in honor of 53 years since the reunification of Jerusalem.  The broadcast included a special Maariv service and a medley of songs about Jerusalem led by Cantor Shai Abramson, with KipaLive, and popular Israeli singer Yishai Lapidot.

Present were Israel’s Chief Rabbis, the Rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites, the Mayor of Jerusalem, and the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage.

Attendance was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions however, thousands watched from around Israel and the world.  When the davening was over, the traditional Flag Dance at the Western Wall Plaza, was in a limited manner this year, in accordance with Health Ministry regulations.

The following are short videos taken from the GPO broadcast of the Yom Yerushalayim opening evening:


Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Moshe Leon: “Jerusalem is celebrating 53 years since its reunification, and especially during these days of ingathering forced upon us due to the coronavirus, we want to reach and touch everyone’s hearts. As part of the festive prayers of Jerusalem Day Eve, a custom we began last year, we will celebrate with the entire Jewish nation, young and old, residents of Israel and residents of communities around the world, with real unity and connection.  This year, we will reach tens of communities around the world, and together we will celebrate Jerusalem Day from the Western Wall.  As the mayor of Jerusalem, I bless you with – Happy Jerusalem Day!”

Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, Rabbi Rafi Peretz: “Two-thousand years of exile and yearning for our capital were like an eternity for the Jewish nation.  Wherever they resided in the world, Jews always knew that Jerusalem, the city that joins everyone together, was waiting for them in the Holy Land. It is a huge privilege for me to begin my role as Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage exactly on this day of celebration.  May this nation continue to absorb Jerusalem’s light forever.  Despite the limitations, we continue to celebrate and be joyful with our capital and our nation.”  

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz: Rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites: “This is the holiday for the city of the Jewish people’s yearning, our eternal capital – Jerusalem. The holy city we prayed and hoped to return to during 2,000 years of exile.   We are privileged in our generation to be able to raise Jerusalem to the peak of our joy and to have it spread a blessing of peace and solidarity all around the world. I invite everyone to take part in the celebration of our united capital with the blessing: “Request the welfare of Jerusalem; may those who love you enjoy the tranquility.”