The Cabinet, yesterday evening (Tuesday, 19 May 2020), in a conference call, amended and extended "Emergency Regulations (Restriction of Activity)" and "Emergency Regulations (State Quarantine)".

Following are the main points of the amendments to "Emergency Regulations (Restriction of Activity)":

* The prohibition on going to the beach is cancelled. Going to the beach shall be permitted as per the "Purple Badge" standard rules including physical distance between bathers.

* The prohibition on holding prayers in a building is cancelled. Prayer shall be permitted under the following restrictions: Up to 50 people in the building, maintaining two meters' distance between worshippers, appointment of a corona official for the house of prayer and wearing of masks.

* The clause on conditions pertaining to psychiatric care is cancelled.

* The prohibition on operating a museum is cancelled. The aforesaid amendment shall not include the operation of installations or exhibits for children that the children may touch. Museums will operate as per the "Purple Badge" standard rules that apply to operating public places including the entry of one person per 15 square meters of space.

These amendments shall be valid until Wednesday, 3 June 2020.

Following are the main points of the amendments to "Emergency Regulations (State Quarantine)":

People returning from abroad shall be able to leave the border crossing for 14 days' quarantine at home or at another place at their disposal, if – during the questioning upon returning from abroad – they detail the place of quarantine at their disposal and the conditions therein, and promise in writing not to travel home on public transportation.

A representative of the Health Ministry shall be entitled to order returnees to a place of quarantine by the state if said representative is convinced that a returnee cannot uphold the obligation of quarantine at his residence or another place, or if the returnee refuses to sign a commitment, or report, about a place of quarantine.

The amendments shall be valid until Tuesday, 2 June 2020.


The Health Ministry calls on the public to continue adhering to the directives on physical distancing, wearing masks and maintaining the rules of hygiene, in order to continue blocking the spread of the coronavirus in Israel.