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Baltimore, MD - Apr. 8, 2020 - As the number of COVID19 cases continue to increase and spread through our community, it has become critical that we take a methodical and strategic approach to planning for and treating this terrible illness on a communal level.

With that in mind, a number of medical professionals within our community have developed a survey to help identify and track potential cases across the Orthodox Jewish community of Baltimore. This survey is strictly confidential and anonymous. But the data collected will provide our Rabbonim, doctors, and first responders with valuable information as they prepare supplies, develop strategies, and work to understand the full extent of the needs of our community. With this knowledge, they will be able to respond in an informed manner, enabling them to save many lives.

In addition, this knowledge will allow us to develop a baseline for this point in time and may help inform when it will be safe to return to our regularly scheduled lives again. Similar surveys have been a crucial tool in battling the pandemic in Jewish communities in New Haven, CT and Crown Heights, NY.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this critical, anonymous survey before Pesach! Your assistance will help save lives!

Baltimore Anonymous Community COVID Survey:

For medical questions regarding Coronavirus, you may call our confidential Google voice line and leave a message: 484-483-5030. Please note that this line will not be monitored over Shabbos or Yom Tov.

For Medical guidance regarding Yom Tov, please see the Vaad Harabanim letter released on 4/6/20. If you experience any symptoms, please call your doctor or one of the doctors below:

Dr. Dan Grove – (443) 863-8292

Dr. Dov Frankel – (410) 514-3220

Let it be the will of the Ribbono Shel Olam that our kehilla kedosha be spared any pain and misfortune.

Daniel (Chaim) Ambinder, MD

Brian (Itzi) Barr, MD

Yaniv Berger, DO

Ari Elman, MD

Dov Frankel, MD

Daniel Grove, MD

Yosef Levenbrown, DO

Eli Miller, MD

Yehuda Mond, MD

Dani Poliakoff, MD

Elie Portnoy, MD

Joseph Rabin, MD

Jonathan Ringo, MD

Avi Rosenberg, MD, PhD

Josh Rosenbloom, DO

Ronnie Samet, MD

Dani Sova, MD

And other members of the Baltimore Physicians JCOVID Response Team

Special thanks to Stacy Bendet for spearheading this effort.