Baltimore, MD - Apr. 2, 2020 - Coronavirus isolation making you feel disconnected? ETZtalks, Etz Chaim's new online Jewish experience, is providing exciting and thought provoking inspiration and learning. Many of the Jewish worlds best speakers, including Charlie Harary, RAV GAV Friedman, and Ruchi Koval, as well as some local Baltimore talent such as Nossi Gross and Dr. Dan Grove, have joined with Etz Chaim's stellar staff to create a multi-dimensional experience enjoyable from home. After just one week of programming, hundreds of Baltimore's Jews have enjoyed the classes, the weekly Saturday Night Kumsitz by Nossi Gross, and the interactive Q & A on Coronavirus with Dr. Grove. 

This week's Saturday Night Kumsitz will feature a special guest - Eitan Katz! Join here:

Don't miss RAV GAV on Sunday April 5th. Register here:

Full information how to join can be found at