AUSCHWITZ (VINnews) — In a particularly moving scene, a Holocaust survivor visiting Auschwitz was seen recounting his Holocaust experiences to a group of Yeshiva bochurim.

The man in the videos is 92-year-old Rabbi Shmuel Beller, who grew up in the Polish town of Oświęcim, which eventually turned into Auschwitz.

After talking about life in the concentration camps and experiencing the death marches, Rabbi Beller turned his attention to the perpetrators of these heinous acts, as well as those who did not use their power to save the victims.

“Unbelievable what the murderers, these Germans Yemach Shemam did!” said Rabbi Beller with tears streaming down his face. “Where was Roosevelt, President Roosevelt Yemach Sememo?! He could of saved alot of Jews! He didn’t! The Rasha (Roosevelt) Yemach Shemo!”