This past Thursday, Mefoar Judaica had the honor and pleasure to host an illustrious guest, the Satmar Rebbe from Yerushalayim, Shlit’a,  in honor of the “kvias mezuzah” of a brand new extension to Mefoar’s headquarters.

As the Rav browsed the perimeter of Mefoar’s premises he marveled at the eye catching displays of Judaica items with open admiration.  Later, as her conversed with the world renowned mechanech R’ Leibish Lish, Shlit’a, the Rav expressed his awe at the quality workmanship and kashrus standards of the toys manufactured by Mefoar Judacia emphasizing his wonder on the newly released “Kidchachka” which is making waves amongst the kids of klal yisroel.

The Rav’s amazement was evident when it was revealed that the new toy was being distributed to countless children stuck in hospitals and to children that have lost a parent r’l.  The Rav then conveyed his heartfelt blessings to the proprietor of Mefoar, R’ Yaakov HaKohen Roth, Shlit’a, that he should continue to illuminate klal yisroel with the mitzvah of “zeh keili v’anvehu” with much success.