Good Erev Shabbos to our Bais Yaakov 3rd Grade Parents and Grandparents,

We want to thank you for partnering with us to help each of our Talmidos feel so happy about learning and growing closer to Hakadosh Baruch Hu each day. One critical area of limud (learning) that is always a challenge to find a way to excite all students around participating in is Kriah. 

This year, the third grade Moros under the leadership of Mrs. Chaya Hoffman, our Limudei Kodesh Coordinator, have worked out a great system to encourage the girls to get excited about reading Lashon Hakodesh. Even more significantly, it has already had a huge impact in building the girls' skills in accuracy and fluency. This program is joint together with the Kriahbility program (From Mrs. Wenger in Lakewood) that the Talmidos learned in the lower grades, and now is continuing into the upper elementary as well. As the girls practice and review their Kriah, they earn KriahKash which they put in their own KriahKash Wallet and save to spend at one of our special events throughout the year. The first of these, The Bais Yaakov KriahKash Bakery, opened its doors yesterday and was a delicious and smashing success, BH!

Enjoy this video showing the girls enjoying the fruits of their labors!

Please remember, we also have our Malkas Tehillim program where each Talmida who finishes the entire Sefer Tehillim with a parent, grandparent, or adult can make a celebration in school where we honor that amazing achievement. These programs have really transformed the skills and love the girls have for reading and learning.

May we all continue to have much nachas from each of our girls.

Have a lovely Shabbos!

Rabbi Yochanon Stein

Principal Bais Yaakov Baltimore - Upper Elementary