Baltimore, MD - Oct. 22, 2019:

Dear Community Members,

During the overnight hours of 10/17/19 through 10/18/19, the Pikesville Precinct experienced several thefts from motor vehicles in the Smith Avenue corridor. Three vehicle’s were targeted in the 2800 block of Laurelwood Court, one vehicle was targeted in the 6700 block of Darwood Drive, and finally one vehicle was targeted in the 6700 block of Chokeberry Drive. All vehicles were rummaged through and miscellaneous items were stolen from some of the vehicles. During these incidents there were no signs of forced entry on any of the vehicles.

Please lock your vehicles and remove all valuables from your vehicle.  This includes vehicle keys, house keys, and garage door openers.

Keep your residences secured at all times.  Lock your windows, doors, and use your residential alarm system if available.  The Pikesville Precinct Community Outreach Team offers free residential security surveys, where a uniformed officer will respond to your home and provide ideas to better secure your residence.  Officers from the Pikesville Precinct are actively patrolling your neighborhood.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a security survey, please contact the Pikesville Community Outreach Team at 410-887-6775.

Please be vigilant of suspicious subjects or vehicles roaming through the neighborhoods. If you notice any suspicious activity, safely get a good description of the subjects and contact 911.