Chayeinu* is pleased to announce that representatives from the Orthodox yeshivos and day schools in Baltimore participated in a meeting on August 5th to establish policies for dealing with alcohol and drug use. The group developed a core set of principles that each school will refine for itself, with input from its menahalim, guidance counselors and vaad hachinuch leadership. Rather than start from scratch, the schools are adapting policies that have been used successfully by schools in other communities. In so doing, local schools acknowledge our collective responsibility for the students in all Baltimore yeshivos and day schools.

The development of policies recognizes that addiction is a disease, and we want to ensure that all students have the opportunity to seek and receive help when they need it in order to be healthy and productive. Our collective effort to work in a collaborative manner makes the strong statement that we care about the students in all of our schools and that we need the combined input of parents, school leadership and students in order to combat this deadly disease. Please watch for further announcements about our collective efforts!


*Chayeinu promotes increased addiction awareness in order to prevent the harmful use of alcohol and drugs and other addictive behaviors in our community. This will be accomplished by providing educational programs to encourage healthy lifestyles and responsible choices.