As emergency personnel continue their search for Rabbi Reuven Bauman, a rebbi at Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Norfolk, Virginia, who was swept out to sea earlier this week, Chai Lifeline is offering its resources and support to the community.

Project Chai, the crisis intervention, trauma and bereavement department of Chai Lifeline, hosted a community-wide call on Thursday morning, July 11. More than 1,000 people called in to hear Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Project Chai Director of Interventions and Community Education, address various psychological, spiritual, parenting, and practical concerns with regard to students, children and adults.

"We encourage anyone in need to avail themselves of Chai Lifeline's resources during this difficult time," said Rabbi Simcha Scholar, CEO of Chai Lifeline.

Contact Project Chai's 24-hour hotline 855-3-CRISIS or email with questions or concerns.

Chai Lifeline gives children, families, and communities the tools they need to meet the challenges of living with pediatric illness or loss.