Baltimore City officials are entering paper parking citations into the electronic system, and it's time for offenders to pay up.

Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello posted on his Facebook page that there is a significant backlog for the data entry of paper parking citations that were issued during the city's computer outage due to a ransomware attack. The city has been issuing paper citations since May 6.

"Any citation issued since May 6 will ultimately appear in the system, but it may take some time," Costello wrote.

Offenders are advised not to pay citations or request trials via mail until the citation appears online.

"The clock does not start to run for penalties and trial requests until a citation is entered into system," Costello wrote.

The councilman wrote that no late fees for May, June and July should appear once citations are available to pay online.

"No late fees for the months of May, June and July 2019 should appear for any parking citation," Costello wrote.

Anyone who feels they were assessed late fees in error are advised to email or call 410-396-4080.

Anyone who doesn't want to wait for the citation to appear online can go to Room 2 of the Abel Wolman Building at 200 N. Holliday St. to pay the fine.