Baltimore, MD - July 6, 2019 - On Thursday, June 27th (24 Sivan), the 9th and 10th-grade bochurim of Baltimore's Mesivta Kesser Torah (MKT) celebrated the completion of Masechtos Rosh Hashanah (9th grade) and Sukkah (10th grade) in grand style. The siyum, held at Kol Torah (Rabbi Berger’s shul), was preceded by an intensive afternoon seder at the mesivta in which bochurim collectively completed their bekiyus mesechta with their fathers and grandfathers.  In anticipation of the siyum, the last week of mesivta was spent with rigorous sedarim of chazara in order for the bochurim to truly make a kinyan on their learning.

The Menahel of MKT, Rabbi Avrohom Feldheim, began the event by speaking about the vast amounts of growth that the Rebbeim and Hanhala have seen in each talmid throughout the year.  Following, one of the mesaymim of Masechta Sukkah gave an opening dvar Torah.  Parents and other relatives were enthralled by the depth of clarity with which the bochur presented a sugya through the lomdus of Reb Chaim.  More talmidim then began to approach the dais as they completed the Gemara and recite the Hadran.  At the conclusion of the Hadran, the music commenced, and the spirit of dancing displayed by the bochurim reflected the pure joy of finishing a masechta and a true accomplishment in learning.  It was truly a display of sheer joy.  The exuberance of the bochurim was a reflection of a true connection to Torah. 

Rabbi Dovid Heber, Shlita, mara d'asra of KAYTT. provided divrei chizuk and bracha to the bochurim.  He described the beauty of Torah sh’Bal Peh and encouraged each bochur to chazer his learning over the summer in order to have a more meaningful Rosh Hashanah and Sukkos for years to come.

The Rosh Mesivta of MKT, Rav Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim, Shlita, was mechayeiv each bochor to continue climbing and growing in his Torah and Yiras Shamayim.  It is truly incredible to see what the Rosh Mesivta and Hanhala have achieved with their talmidim after just two years of opening the mesivta. 


In a very special ceremony, each of the bochurim was called to the dais to receive a Gemara from the Rosh Mesivta and Menahel.  A personalized description of each bochur’s kochos and accomplishments was shared with the attendees.   It became readily apparent to all of the guests how much each boy is truly cherished by his rebbeim.


After more leibedig dancing, the evening concluded with encouragement from 10th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Dovid Rubin, for each bochur to take on a kabbolah for the summer.  The talmidim then wrote down their kabbolos and placed their papers in a box.  The 11th-grade Rebbe, Rabbi Yitzchok Hopfer, used the slips of paper as a raffle for a new set of Shas for a 10th grader while Rabbi Rubin did the same for the 9th graders.

Next year the mesivta will be the home for over 60 bochurim in grades 9 through 11.  The mesivta is known for its rigorous learning and feeling of warmth between talmidim their Rebbeim and Hanhala.  The Rosh Mesivta, a well-respected mechanech of over forty years, ensures that each bochur is growing and shteiging in his learning, his Avodas Hashem, and his Yiras Shamayim at a healthy pace.  Rabbi Avrohom Feldheim, Menahel, and 9th-grade Bekius Rebbe, is devoted to creating an atmosphere of growth that enables each bochur to feel a sense of shleimus over his years in the mesivta.

The mesivta is also known for providing a unique and exemplary General Studies education led by Rabbi Moshe Dovid Robinson, Principal, and Rabbi Mordechai Weissmann, Curriculum Coordinator.  The curriculum of the program has been designed to seamlessly integrate Torah into the classroom.  The program is currently being implemented into a number of other mesivtas around the country.

The event, attended by over 200 people, was truly a kiddush Hashem.  Parents and grandparents alike left filled with nachas and warm memories.  It was an evening in which they shared the joy of their children embracing Torah in a manner they will never forget.