Dear Community Members:

The next MMR Clinic will be hosted by the Baltimore County Health Department this Wednesday at Bais Yaakov High School (Smith Ave). Hours begin at 10 am and the clinic will accept new patients through 3 pm, after which services will continue for those already in line only. As before, this event is targeting adults between the ages of 30 and 62 who are unsure whether they have received 2 MMR vaccines.

Important Note: The County clinic will Be’H utilize increased staffing and operational support, which should significantly reduce wait times.

This group has, in other communities, served as a component of the rapid spread of the disease, and increased immunization efforts for this group have successfully decreased Measles spread. Replicating the efforts taken in the Detroit area, the BCHD and Sinai Hospital are encouraging everyone in this age group to ensure their immunity and protect the health of our community at large. Especially during this pre-Pesach season with the extensive travel in and out of the community, please consider the statement of the Vaad HaRabbanim and take advantage of this free clinic before we celebrate Pesach with our communities and guests.

PLEASE NOTE:  The effectiveness of this campaign for community health is contingent on MASS vaccination.  Turnout is CRITICAL.  We urge you to make it a PRIORITY to come and be vaccinated, and to see your pediatrician regarding meeting the recommendations for your children.  

Many women receive the MMR vaccine after birth. We are working on enabling women who have given birth at Sinai Hospital to check at the clinic whether they have received the vaccination postpartum.

Other Options:

  • Many people can receive the vaccination at a pharmacy with a prescription from a Primary Care Physician. Our community Physicians would like to remind the community that all adults, especially those between the ages of 30 and 62, can and should reach out to their physicians to discuss and receive a prescription for the MMR vaccine.
  • There are some pharmacies that can provide vaccinations without a prescription to those traveling and/or concerned about exposure to guests from areas experiencing an outbreak.

Please note that vaccinations provided through a pharmacy may require insurance approval or upfront payment. Please call the pharmacy prior to going to ensure they can provide the vaccine with your insurance plan. Some insurance plans will only cover vaccinations given at a physician’s office or a Minute Clinic. There is a Minute Clinic at the Towson CVS at 1001 York Road, and information can be found on their website at

If you are experiencing barriers in receiving the vaccine at a pharmacy and are unavailable on Wednesday for the clinic, it may still be advisable for you to receive the vaccination prior to travel to an outbreak area.

Some Pharmacy options

  • CVS at Target in Pikesville has vaccinations available, no prescription required.
  • Walmart Pharmacy in Owings Mills has vaccinations available, no prescription required.
  • Better Care Pharmacy has vaccinations available; call first 410-484-0422.

General Guidance (this should not be used for decision-making - please discuss with your PCP).

  • Individuals who are unsure of their immunity should get the MMR vaccine as soon as possible rather than being Titer tested.
  • Individuals who have already been Titer tested as immune do not need to receive an additional vaccine.
  • For those who have not received both vaccinations who are pregnant or approaching pregnancy, please consult your physician.

We pray that HKB”H continue to watch over all of us.

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Vaad HaRabbonim of Baltimore

Hatzalah of Baltimore

Bais Yaakov of Baltimore

Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore

Cheder Chabad of Baltimore

Cheder D’Kahal Chassidim


Ner Israel Rabbinical College

Ohr Chadash Academy of Baltimore (OCA)
Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim/Talmudical Academy of Baltimore

Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok/Torah Institute of Baltimore

Yeshivas Toras Simcha of Baltimore

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