New York - Laura Anglin, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s deputy mayor for operations, fired Commissioner Joseph Esposito on Friday, according to the WSJ, the first official to suffer consequences after a November snowstorm crippled the city’s evening commute.

But when Reached by phone on Sunday evening, Mr. Esposito said he was still on the job.

Mayor de Blasio didn’t answer a question about Mr. Esposito’s firing as he went to the Park Slope Y Monday morning.

Anglin met privately with Mr. Esposito, for a meeting about the Nov. 15 snowstorm.  After the Friday meeting, she ordered him to resign, according to the Journal. When he refused, she told him he was fired and ordered him to also fire his second in command, Calvin Drayton.

Mr. Esposito, who was on vacation during the storm, was monitoring conditions while away. Read more at WSJ