Yom HaShishi is Back with Rav Zev Cohen, Rav of Kahl Adas Yeshurin and Rosh Kollel of the CHoshen Mishpat Kollel in Chicago.

Chazal derive from the extra letter ‘hei’ in Yom HaShishi that the entire creation is completely dependant on the Torah which would be given on THE sixth day, the sixth day of Sivan, more than 2000 years later. As long as Torah is studied every second of time, the world continues to exist as a result.

The Yom Hashishi series is dedicated to those who study the daf every day and their wives and families who support them. It doesn’t matter how when or where, they learn The Daf.

This series will feature weekly videos staring leading Rabbanim and Magidei Shiur, leading up to in the upcoming 13th Global Siyum HaShas.

The learning of the Daf HaYomi has become one of the greatest catalysts to a worldwide commitment to kvias itim. The Siyum is the celebration of the Torah world’s commitment to Torah – Ki Heim Chayeinu v’Orech Yameinu!

The Yom Hashishi Torah Video Series is part of a broad campaign spearheaded by The Agudah to precipitate a broader and stronger commitment to a daily commitment of learning Gemara. To sign up for the Yom Hashishi series and other exciting Siyum news and updates, email info@thesiyum.org or visit TheSiyum.org.