Executive Assistant & Customer Service Professional


RemSource is a team of administrative & customer service professionals that handles back-office responsibilities and high-level customer service for small businesses that chose to outsource their work to RemSource instead of hiring staff. The clients we work with do not need a full day of work done, but they do need work done throughout the day while we are open 9-5 Eastern. So we operate as a team, and multitask our way through the day handling a variety of tasks and duties for multiple companies. If you like variety and fast pace, this is the place!

About the Position

We are seeking a seasoned administrative and customer service professional who is ready to try something new, challenging, and rewarding. Someone who is comfortable being an executive assistant for multiple clients in various industries throughout the day. This means switching gears smoothly and quickly – you may be booking an appointment for a medical patient one minute, answering questions about an HVAC company’s pricing and service area the next, and moving on to scheduling a C-suite meeting for a group of executives the next. The position requires an expert level of technology familiarity, customer service excellence, and willingness to work together as a team to complete work in a diligent and timely manner.

Location: Pikesville, MD

For More Information, please contact Azi Rosenblum at 443-854-2172 or jointheteam@remsource.com